Tyre Contracts

In keeping with current trends within the UK Transport Industry, G&S Tyre Services Limited have developed a full range of fleet account options that can be tailored to the needs of their customers.

These options can be loosely grouped into three areas:

Conventional Transactional Account

The traditional and conventional type of account with invoices grouped onto a monthly statement. The account allows for the invoicing of all tyres and services supplied to the customer against which casings and other rebateable items or credits from third party suppliers can be applied.

Fixed Fee Contracts

Following a careful analysis of the customer's fleet and operating conditions G&S Tyre Services Limited can supply all tyre and tyre related services on a fixed monthly fee. This allows for the customer to enjoy the budgetary benefits of fixed and predictable costs. G&S take responsibility for the complete tyre management of the fleet and take ownership of all tyres to which a value is given and held in a sterling value bank. If the contract is terminated reconciliation of the tyre value is made and the final account adjusted accordingly.

Mileage Contracts

After a careful fleet analysis G&S Tyre Services Limited can supply all tyre and tyre related services on a pence per mile/kilometer basis. This is normally broken down by vehicle type. This allows for a fleet's tyre costs to "ebb and flow" with the fleets own business i.e. when the fleet is busy the tyre costs rise and vice versa: this gives the benefit of costs staying in line with revenue streams. Again, G&S Tyre Services Limited assume the responsibility of all tyre management matters together with ownership of all tyres running in the fleet.

Different arrangements suit different customers and G&S Tyre Services Limited can tailor each arrangement to the needs of the customer. The development of the company’s contracts department has enabled G&S to secure the business of a number of large national and regional customers who demanded such an outsourced arrangement. Please contact:

Mr Gary Bourne (Sales Director)