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Inspection Stand

The eyes and hands of a tyre specialist are key tools in evaluating the future reliability and safety of the casing and grading it for the most appropriate application.

Shearography Testing

Technology then takes over where human skills and know-how can go no further, using tools such as the Nail-hole Detector, the Shearographic Casing Analyser and NDI.


Buffing removes the worn tread, textures the surface and corrects any discrepancies in the circumference of the tyre.

Skiving Stand

All damage to the tyre is removed and repaired to restore the original strength of the casing. Bandag repairs provide optimal reinforcement.

Spray Booth

Application of cement to prevent oxidation and provide 'tack' for building purposes.

Repair Stand

Here we repair the tyre to 159F standard.

Tread Bench

To cut the tread to required length.

Filling Stand

To fill cavities with extruder gum.


The Bandag retread is then cured in a flexible envelope at a moderate temperature and pressure.

Tread Builder

Next, cushion gum and the new tread are accurately and consistently applied around the circumference of the casing.

Envelope Stand

Tyre put into outer envelope and inner envelope ready for curing.